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Alexander Tsibulya:


The CNCP Programme is funded by the UK Department of Energy and Climate Change and Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (Canada) which has made financial resources available for grant support for investment projects which meet the Programme's aims and satisfy the following criteria:

  • Create new sustainable jobs, not less than 55% of which for personnel that were formerly nuclear weapons specialists;
  • To be commercially sustainable in the areas of manufacturing and service provision;
  • To apply for up to a £100,000-200,000 contribution from CNCP
  • During consideration of the proposal funding, the CNCP emphasizes the need to study the project's commercial potential for laying a strong foundation for successful future development. Such way, in our opinion, provides the best assurance for the sustainability of jobs created for former weapons specialists.

    We understand and accept how important it is that the jobs being created be high-quality and correspond, where possible, with the expectations of the qualified specialists for whom Rosatom is seeking to create alternative employment. The business plans developed for some of these products have already led to requests and approvals for additional CNCP Programme funding. In addition, the business plans have been used to attract outside investors. Western specialists have also been successfully involved in independent evaluation of technologies, which have been proposed for commercialisation. The proposed technologies have been reviewed and compared with similar technologies from some of the world's leading companies and, when the outcomes of these reviews are positive, additional funding to further develop the technology is provided by the CNCP Programme.

    At the same time, CNCP evaluates projects associated with high technology commercialization. While these projects typically have huge potential advantages, those advantages must be weighed against the often high cost of start-up capital and risk. Therefore, our goal is to develop a diversified portfolio for the Programme as a whole, where projects are distributed over a balanced scale [lower cost, more jobs and lower risk] > [higher cost, less jobs, higher risk]. We balance the risks of high technology projects with less risky projects, such as those connected with the extension of existing production. This allows a portfolio to be developed that has an acceptable balance of risk/reward and allows the Programme as a whole to achieve its objectives. The CNCP Programme has already supported a number of projects proposed by small and medium size private enterprises in Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia and Armenia.

    The projects are considered in two stages. First the applicant fills in the outline proposal and presents basic information about the project. After a preliminary evaluation and approval of the proposal by an appointed project supervisor (usually a Western expert), the outline proposal is presented for consideration to the Steering Group in London. If approved, the applicant has then to prepare a full proposal. Submission of a market study report and a business plan alongside the proposal is often a necessary condition. At this first stage, the programme may allocate a small grant for market research and business planning to support the further development of the project concept. An outside expert or a company able to assess the technical and market potential of the project may also be invited at this stage.

    During this process, the applicant keeps in regular contact with the supervisor and representatives of HTSPE Ltd. Moscow office. If the full proposal is approved by the Steering Group in the second stage, the project is fully funded. The applicant may have to fulfil certain conditions. Monitoring and auditing is undertaken throughout each stage of the project's implementation and for several years after completion.

    For more information about CNCP grant aid projects please contact Alexander Tsibulya, Deputy Head of HTSPE Ltd. Moscow Office, alexts@cncp.ru

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